You are constantly spying with Windows 10

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You are constantly spying with Windows 10



Windows 10 constantly spies on your personal data, but fortunately it is possible to block certain IP addresses and block these indiscretions. The cyber security company Plixer looked at the data collected by Microsoft from Windows 10, and the finding is very alarming: one shipment every 5 minutes, even at the level of security!


The latest analysis of the security company Plixer inflames the controversy around the few cases that Microsoft seems to do with your personal data. It’s even worse than that: Microsoft, via Windows 10, organizes a massive collection of data without really knowing what it’s for.



Don’t be surprised to have :

bridging the internet connection

repeated crashes during updates

notifications that spam to sell you products and so more.



The list of grievances to Windows 10 seems to be growing by the day. We learn this time that if the user trusts Microsoft, he automatically shares his contacts, his agenda, the text entered, the interactions with the system, the location of the data “and much more”.

According Pixer Even when the most privacy-friendly options are enabled,

Windows 10 still sends metadata to Microsoft every 5 minutes. It is impossible to know, moreover, what their content is. This data is encrypted by the firm, in an unusual way which makes it impossible to decipher it. 



[This encryption] not only indicates that Microsoft does not want unauthorized users of the machine to access the data [but] also that it does not want the end user to really know what is being sent.


Plixer has has also audited other publishers, and also points to the practices of McAfee and Plantronics in its report. However, because of its breadth, and the amount of information that can be collected, Microsoft is of particular concern to researchers. And in France, one can legitimately ask what the CNIL thinks of the problem.

and another best surprise : it was learned that Microsoft shared this “anonymous” data with third parties. We put anonymous quotes, because unfortunately, it doesn’t make much sense in 2017, since anonymity can easily fall by cutting. And that Microsoft persists in not giving access to the content of this famous telemetry …

How to disable sending telemetry data to Microsoft ?


Unfortunately, it is impossible to simply disable the sending of these “telemetric data” – a term that is just as reassuring as it sounds hollow. Except in the Enterprise version, the most expensive to buy, which has this option Or Ranieri Shop computer on Bastìa ( Corsica) can also remove you a good part of these spies for a Windows 10 lighter and less greedy for RAM.


So what to do first? First of all, we advise you to completely disable Cortana. The personal assistant sends a lot of data to Microsoft, and it is not known whether or not it is outside the strict framework of its use.

Get a block via the Firewall

We advise you to block certain addresses used by Microsoft to collect data:



But there are more than 100 ip adresse pointing on your machine that it why we advise you to contact us or to contact a computer technician near you.

Block telemetry from the system register


Open Regedit and look for:


Create a 32-bit DWORD value called AllowTelemetry and 0
Close Regedit and open the Start menu
Click right on Explorer and then click Manage
Go to ApplicationsServices in the left column and turn off the following services:
Connected User Experiences and Telemetry / Diagnostics Tracking Service

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