What is is a Online shop made in Corsica, online retailer of products that inform, educate, and inspire. The Ranieri Shop is based in Corsica

Why do I encounter various availability listings on your site as Europe and China?

Inoltre, forniamo i nostri prodotti da vari distributori. La disponibilità dei prodotti che otteniamo dai distributori può variare a seconda che il distributore abbia il prodotto in magazzino o meno.

What is your delivery time?

Under normal circumstances, we will arrange your products within 3-5 days after receiving your payment. It usually takes 8-20 days  to arrive in your country by Eco mode Shipping. Sometimes if there are some uncontrollable situations, such as bad weather, holidays and customs clearance, it will be slower.

France  Corsica : 8-15 days but could be 20 days if bad weather or others

Italy : 10-25 days

USA : 12-25 days

Where do we delivery computers?

Most of our computers are shipped for Europe only.

Delivery time is 3-10 days max. could be more if bad weather or others

What About Phones Warranty ?

We offer to our customers a 12-months warranty on the vast majority refurbished phones products available on In the event of a breakdown, Just contact us! Our premises are based in Corsica and our Providers for phones come from France, Europe warehouse and Asia warehouse for some Brands. We or our providers take care of the diagnosis, repair or replacement of the device according to the concern, as well as the cost of sending the return of the device.

In any case, The iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus ranges are guaranteed for 6 months. The warranty covers all technical failures of the phone, apart from breakage and oxidation.
The battery is a consumable and wear out the use you made of your smartphone. It is guaranteed at 80% of its original reception capacity. You 2 weeks to reassemble a phone issue and thus change it if you haven’t broke it.

What are the differences between aesthetic states?

All smartphones available on Ranieri Shop, regardless of condition, are 100% functional

Similarly, our warranty applies under the same conditions and over the same duration to products of all states.

For more details, here is an aesthetic description of each state proposed:


New: Never used, supplied with original box, charger and headphones, still in their original box

Diamond = Reconditioned to new: one or more parts have been changed to give the device a new look. On a reconditioned, the aesthetic condition is impeccable.

Very good: very little used, condition close to new, 100% functional, tested, verified and cleaned by our Ranieri’s experts. Aesthetically: no scratches on the screen. Slight imperfections almost invisible to the naked eye.

A+: short use, 100% functional, tested, checked and cleaned by our Ranieri’s  experts. On the aesthetic level: some traces and/or stripes invisible at 20 cm

B+: extended use, 100% functional, tested, checked and cleaned by our Ranieri’s experts. Aesthetically, some traces and/or scratches visible at 20 cm

B-: Extended use, 100% functional, tested, verified and cleaned by our Ranieri’s experts. On the aesthetic side: several stripes visible at 20 cm; possibility of shocks.



The different order states

Payment validated: Your order has been validated and we have received your payment.

Shipped: Your order has been shipped and  will be delivered to the carrier

On Hold: Your order has been validated and we have received your payment. However, there are missing products in your order.

Canceled: Your order has been canceled. This state can occur for several reasons.

Payment pending: Your Paypal account or credit card have not been immediately charged, so your order will be validated after receipt of payment.

Waiting for payment by check: We do not agree the method ‘s payment by check. Your order will be validated as soon as you pay with credit card or Paypal

May I create an account ?

To place an order on our website it’s better to to create a customer account even if is not mandatory. Thanks to this customer account that you will be able to follow the progress of your last order, see the history of your purchases and benefit from the loyalty program. This will also save you time because you only have to enter your information once!

At the contrary, if you decide to pay without creating an account, you just need to add your products, see your basket, and pay immediately with Papal or credit card.

What is the purpose of the information I provide?

All your information is not communicated to other services or companies, Ranieri Shop  knows your information. The banking information you fill out are not stored by anyone and they are all encrypted by your bank or Paypal.

May I write a review about a product?

YES you do :  It is always good to write an opinion on a product, whether positive or negative, . An opinion is your experience and it will always be more concrete than our opinion or the description of the product.

A constructive negative opinion allows us to challenge ourselves to improve our service and help the newcomers

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